An online website consists of three parts, the website, web hosting for storing and serving the website files and more importantly a domain name for the public to find you on the internet.




per year*

Think of website hosting as spot you rent on the internet to place your website, this is charged at a yearly fee.

* Cost is dependant on chosen web hosting provider, typically $60-$100 per year.


per year*

* Cost is dependant on chosen domain name.

Need more work done?

Not a problem! We charge an hourly rate of $100, billed in 15 minute intervals with a minimum of 30 minutes billable.

We recommend that if you have a few changes in mind, build a list of changes to help save you time and money too.

Prior to any new work performed, we will provide you with a quote and cost to avoid any confusion and surprises!

VentraIP is our preferred Australian domain name registration and website hosting provider.

  • Support staff are located within Australia
  • All of your data is hosted on servers right here in Australia.
  • Friendly technical support staff, available 24/7 to assist you.
  • Enterprise servers with SSD storage across their entire fleet.
  • Partner with leading technology providers to bring you the fastest hosting solution.
  • Very affordable and reliable services

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