About us

QixSites is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo located in Melbourne, Victoria — Australia.

Whilst working on tailored websites for businesses of varying sizes, we noticed a gap with many new and existing small business owners who loved the idea of having a website, however, didn’t have the budget available for a custom tailored, uniquely designed website to be developed.

A uniquely designed and crafted website requires at least two roles, a graphic designer and a web developer, this takes many hours/weeks and typically costs in the thousands.

This was our LIGHT BULB moment.

Small businesses do not need a unique website.

They need a website that is FUNCTIONAL and EASY to use, where customers can QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY find information they’re searching for!

They need a website that clearly speaks WHO they are, WHAT they do and HOW to get in touch with them.

This is why we developed QixSites.

QixSites for your business

QixSites is a template website we've designed that we make minor alterations to with your content and imagery to get you up and running in a short space of time.

This means we are able to offer them at a very affordable price.

Our websites are built on top of WordPress, a popular content management system — which means your investment into a QixSites website is future proof — allowing you to extend its functionality later down the track, as your business grows!